Koji Amazake

Koji Amazake



Amazake is a drink made by fermenting organic rice naturally. Although the name has “liquor” in it, the product is completely alcohol free.

It is suitable for all ages as it has rich and even nutrients. You can even taste the sweet fragrance and the actual texture of rice granules.

Stratification after standing is natural; please shake evenly before drinking.

Cold and hot amazake have different flavors. It may be drank with water depending on one’s personal preferences.


1. Organic rice from Luoshan, Hualien

2. Quality “糀kouji” strain from a Japanese miso store that is over 300 years old


1. Carefully selected organic rice from Fuli, Hualien, and domestic non-GMO and pesticide-free soybeans cultivated under contract by local farmers

2. Preservatives and chemical additives are not added during the production process; we wait patiently for the koji to ferment slowly

3. Amazake is a traditional Japanese drink, of which the primary ingredients are vitamin B, amino acid, enzyme and glucose.

4. The fermented beverage with a variety of ingredients is highly nutritious.

5. The low-calorie and rich nutrients can replenish energy. The sugar-free and low-calorie amazake is both good to drink and nutritious.



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HIDEKAWA Soybean Products|HAKSIP Village, CAN Culture, Art & Nature /

No. 12-1, Ln. 84, Minquan St., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 23741, Taiwan (ps. The shop is right next to New Taipei City Police Station)
+886 2 2671-7090 #207

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