Green Grass Occupational School

We found the 70-year-old hospital, Ailin Hospital, along Sanxia Old Street at the end of 2016. Through the design and planning by CAN Culture, Art & Nature, we reconstructed the old hospital into “HAKSIP Village” and established a space for teenager occupational cultivation – Green Grass Occupational School.

Ailin Hospital cured the illnesses of many people in Sanxia in the past. Now we extend the life saving ethos of the old hospital to accompany the growth of teens and help them in developing special skills with seven major capabilities, including cultivation of optimism and passion, being self-disciplined and responsible, problem solving, social wisdom, independence and self-care, thankfulness and feedback, and perseverance.


Where do the students come from?

1.     Children grow from Grass (elementary class) into Green Grass (junior high class)

2.     We work with the junior high schools in Sanxia to offer occupational exploration courses for high-risk students, and they can use their course hours for occupational cultivation at Green Grass Occupational School


What is the importance of occupational cultivation?

Teenage problems have always been main points of concern in the society, but the media seem to focus on the crimes committed by and the deviant behavior of teens. The reason and motive behind these deviant behaviors are the issues we must investigate and solve.

Learn skills for children to improve their lives

The School hires shokunins of different fields, such as wood carving, leather, and metalworking, to offer the students diversified and professional courses and practice for them to develop a skill of their own. In addition to elevating their self-affirmation and self-confidence, it is hoped that they can have more opportunities to continue education and more learning resources. The School also has charity stores, youth accommodations and workshops for the children to put what they have learned into practice, as well as help them to improve life through self-sufficiency.


Become children’s mental sustenance, create positive life cycle

Our initial intention was to accompany children, and to build a great ship headed toward the future so that they could be brave and go through the great waves in life. We wanted to explore with them and lead them through the thick fog to find new hope.

We establish trust with the children, make up for their lack of emotions, give them tools and teach them methods so that they can find a way out. We give them a “home”. Once these children, who are labeled as difficult kids, have sustenance, their home is where their heart is, and they will do things more carefully.

Occupational Cultivation Base

HIDEKAWA Domestic Soybean Products

HIDEKAWA Domestic Soybean Products is a quality food shop established by CAN Culture, Art & Nature, a social enterprise. It provides parents and youths of the community with opportunities in operating management, technical training and employment. The revenues of the shop are given to Taiwan Sustainable City and Town Caring Association to become funds for community accompanying.


HIDEKAWA Fermentation Workshop

The Fermentation Workshop uses carefully selected domestic non-GMO soybeans cultivated under contract, a quality strain from a Japanese miso store over 300 years old, and HIDEKAWAS’s exclusive koji cultivated in the organic rice from Loushan, Hualien, to make naturally fermented foods, such as miso, Shio Koji, mirin, amazake, sake and distillers’ grains, by using ancient fermentation method. The workshop has become a space for occupational cultivation of parents and teens.


Leather-Playing Children Workshop

Playful elves live in the energetic hands of the grass children. The patience and aesthetic creativeness of children are cultivated through learning and making leather products. Children playing with leather brand their toughness and unique life nutrients onto the leather material to make each warm and practical piece of work.


YIMU Carving Workshop

Young woodcarver, Xi-Chen Huang, is an apprentice of a local shokunin, Master Yao-Hui Hong; he established the woodcarving workshop and is responsible for instructing teens in learning traditional architectural wood carving. Through the passing down of the skill, redesign and new vision, new life is given to the traditional wood art, and children can cultivate non-cognitive abilities, such as leaning interest, perseverance, frustration tolerance, etc.


Theme-based Courses

In addition to guiding the children in finishing their homework, we also accompany them in facing important issues in life through experiencing, discussion and introspection of different topics.


Green Grass Education Class

Use the power of the community to embrace the talents of children

Though the main axis of Green Grass Occupational School is experience-based learning, the school still leads the children in facing their own life issues and career planning through the courses, so that they can have a steady foundation if they wish to proceed with advanced studies or self-learning in the future.


Life Education Class

Children’s journey of self-exploration

Through group games, visitations and speeches, the children learn to face themselves honestly and rethink current conditions of life. In addition to understanding their traits and values, the differences and reasons of how they handle affairs and their future career planning can also be comprehended; thus we further guide them to think about the meaning and personal goals behind each choice they make.

For the children, there is still a long way to go in life, and they will encounter in the future more life issues that have no correct answers. The original intention of the Life Education Class is the hope that the children can have the ability to face various life issues by themselves.


Music Class

I believe I can learn it

The music class at the Book House is divided into traditional and western instruments. The former combines the traditional music club culture of Sanxia, and professional Beiguan and classic Chinese music teachers are hired; group training is carried out every week to achieve the goal of performing for local festivals in the future. The latter includes ukulele, guitar and drum kit, and children can select one according to their interest.

The process of learning an instrument can cultivate the children’s patience and persistent attitude, while performing in public enables them to find achievement and happiness in learning.


Physical Education Class

Athletes – children’s favorites

PE class cultivates not only physical strength but also mental strength. Although traveling around the island and basketball are group activities, an individual must communicate with oneself most of the times and accept themselves as they are in every way.

After each challenge ends, the children will take the nutrient of PE class with them and face more difficult challenges with more confidence in the future.


Fulfill the dream of traveling around the island

Take your first step bravely

The dream implementation class leads the children in learning how to repair bicycles, writing proposals, making slideshows and giving speeches on a stage for them to actually make a proposal to enterprises. Through the class, the children learn how to solve problems, make proposal, give public speeches and face crowds on their own.


Seminar Class

Speak well and listen well to others

Diversified issue discussion is designed for the children to practice how to express their thinking in a systematic and organized manner in a group, as well as for them to practice listening and accepting the different ideas of other.

The children’s critical thinking skill, independent thinking ability and empathy can be cultivated slowly through the discussions and expressions.

We integrated the abilities that children need into daily accompanying and courses. In daily accompanying, we see children’s advantages and give guidance timely for them to have the capability to solve problems and further have the chance to build their dreams; in the courses, we combine academic knowledge and character education with the non-cognitive abilities that children require while growing up, and through the multiple group discussions, public speeches, competitive games and experience activities, we create an environment where children are willing to learn actively.

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