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Domestic soybean, a gift from the land of Taiwan


HIDEKAWA Domestic Soybean Products was established in 2015, and the use of soybeans cultivated in Taiwan is our principle of core value. Although the cost is higher compared to imported soybeans, the use of domestic soybeans not only elevates the quality of soybean products, but also protects the continuous eco-friendly farming of the land of Taiwan, shortens food miles, and decrease the carbon emission produced during transportation of imported goods. The soybeans used by HIDEKAWA follow traditional eco-friendly and non-toxic cultivation method without applying hazardous pesticides. The soybeans adopt shifting cultivation to treat the ecology well and enrich the nutrients in soils for crops of the next shift to grow better. The use of domestic soybeans is HIDEKAWA’s persistence toward our support for eco-friendly land, the principle to protect and develop our land, as well as our taking action to support the sustainable development of agriculture in Taiwan.


Production process

Guarding every detail carefully


We insist on supporting local farmers and using domestic soybeans. The market is filled with soybean products that consists of all kinds of chemical additives, so it is the most difficult to make pure and healthy soybean products.

HIDEKAWA checks every production detail carefully. We insist on screening and picking out soybeans manually to eliminate impurities from affecting the quality of our soy milk. We bathe cleaned soybeans in pure water overnight before grinding and steaming. During the process, no antifoaming agents or thickeners are added. After the concentration is tested to standard, it is filtered once by machine and once by hand to produce the Grade 10 soy milk that is the most natural and pure Taiwanese flavor.



The life-changing soy milk shop


HIDEKAWA Domestic Soybean Products is a quality food shop in the community. Besides providing the beat quality soy milk, it is also an employment cultivation center for the underprivileged and tries to solve the problems encountered by the community.

HIDEKAWA offers opportunities in technique training, sales learning and employment for the parents and teens reentering the job market, as well as solve problems of the livelihood of disadvantaged families and employment problems of dropouts. We hope to do our best to enter the community, support each other, and prosper and share with the community.



Create a sharing cycle in the community


HIDEKAWA has always produced soybean products by upholding the principle of simple and pure, but the idea behind the brand is not simple as we concretely practice the ideal vision of CAN Culture, Art & Nature toward a co-existing and sharing society. We are committed to creating a sharing cycle in the community. We engage in sharing projects, such as children accompanying, land care and craft support, of which part of the revenues from the intern stores will become accompanying funds for the community, to continue to bring positive changes in the society of Taiwan and to bring motivation for the land.


Your every consumption is helping us to realize these ideas. We hope that you can join us and support our ideas to enable this land to head toward a better future.



Business hours: Mon.~Sun. from 10:00 - 18:30

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