YIMU Carving DIY Workshop  - Taipei Culture Experience one-day tour

Follow the looping wood grain,

Explore the authentic manifestation of traditional craft

The fragrance of wood surrounds your entire body as you walk into YIMU Workshop. The atmosphere of warm color tones is warm and peaceful, and the different depths of wood grains characterize the beauty of traditional craft.

Numerous hardware tools are displayed on the table, and different angles and patterns are carved on wood grains. As time passes, the table is covered with wood dust. Follow the wood grains and see the beauty of craft within. Visit YIMU and experience the work personally. Your connection to traditional craft starts now.

Master Xi-Chen learned his skills from master Yao-Hui Hong, one of the woodcarvers who worked on Zushi Temple. He established YIMU Carving Workshop in Haksip Village to engage in the development of wood carving craft in Taiwan and to teach traditional wood carving to the youths in the community. Through the passing down of the master’s skills, redesign and new vision, give traditional wood craft new life and continue the craft culture of Sanxia.

Sculpt a hanging decoration or coaster, or look for the manifestation of time from a square wood block. Traveling is being at peace and resting, as well as looking for a memory in the passing time. Make a wooden piece by hand to sculpt the deepest impression in time. Make it the most unforgettable and unique souvenir.


Wood Carving DIY Experience

Heart-shaped hanging ornament (suitable for families with children) – approx. two hours: $200元/person

Coaster – approx. three hours: $800/person

Clock – approx. four hours: $1800-2200/person

Wood Carving DIY Experience | Taipei Cultural experience | CAN CultureWood Carving DIY Experience | Taipei Cultural experience | CAN CultureWood Carving DIY Experience | Taipei Cultural experience | CAN CultureWood Carving DIY Experience | Taipei Cultural experience | CAN Culture

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