2019/01/19 River Clean-up Operation

Weather: Sunny

Number of people: 14

Hours: 1.5hrs

Achievements: 2 bags of garbage

Special Appreciation|Topedia International EducationTaipei Kang Chiao Geography Olympiad Training Course

Welcome Taipei Kang Chiao Geography Olympiad Training Course to organize “2019 Winter Holiday Education Travel Activity" to lead children to study in the Sanxia, to know local traditional industries and shokunins through “Shokunin Tour”.

Finally, they also participated in the "River Clean-up Operation" to protect the environment and natural resources.

It's a great honor to cooperate with Topedia International Education in planning this trip, hoping to bring children rich knowledge outside school and increase learning effectiveness.




Sign Up for River Clean-up



You are welcome to contact us,
please provide basic information and detailed data,
our specialist will be in contact.
● The River Clean-up is carried out on the second Sunday of every month.
●Time: 15:30 in the summer, 13:30 in the winter.
●Location: Courtyard of KOUJI Restaurant (No. 317, Qingshui St., Sanxia Dist.)
●The benchland has tall grass and insects, please wear long pants and sneakers for safety.
●We will provide long tongs and garbage bags.
●Rain boots and disposable masks and gloves are not provided, so please prepare personal equipment if necessary.

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