Tofu and Dried Tofu with Bittern

Tofu and Dried Tofu with Bittern

The most natural and fresh tofu

Carefully selected 100% domestic pesticide-free soybeans cultivated under contract and naturally sun-dried bitterns from Zhou Nan Salt Field in Chiayi are used to make tofu and dried tofu. By insisting on not adding chemical antifoaming agent, no bleaching, and no dyeing, we offer you the most natural, pure and healthy ready-to-eat soybean products.



The product has a soft and tender yet slightly firm texture. The saturated juice in the tofu, accompanied with a rich soybean fragrance, spreads out in your mouth. The ending taste of the dissolving tofu is a faint saltiness of the ocean. Allow HIDEKAWA to give you the simplest feeling of ingredients.


Pure water; 100% domestic non-GMO and pesticide-free soybeans; naturally sun-dried bittern


- Kaohsiung Sel. 10 soybeans are larger beans with higher protein contents.

- Tainan 4 soybeans are smaller and its sweetness strengthens the light sweet flavor of soy milk.

- The natural sun-dried bittern is from Zhou Nan Salt Field in Po-te-chhui (former name of Budai), located on the southwestern seacoast of Taiwan. It has the light saltiness of the ocean and a slightly bitter taste.


- Carefully selected domestic non-GMO and pesticide-free soybeans cultivated under contract by local farmers.

- Four water purification systems are used to filter the water used for cooking soy milk; preservatives, thickeners and anti-foaming agents are not added during the process.

- By following ancient methods, the production uses naturally sun-dried bittern without adding industrial grade gypsum powder (plaster of Paris) or glucono delta-lactone (a chemical coagulant).

- The ready-to-eat product does not require cooking; add condiments and eat directly.

- The product is made using the production method of traditional hard tofu; after freezing, the soft tofu would become frozen tofu, which is a healthy and delicious ingredient used in hot pots.


Shop Information

HIDEKAWA Soybean Products|HAKSIP Village, CAN Culture, Art & Nature /

No. 12-1, Ln. 84, Minquan St., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 23741, Taiwan (ps. The shop is right next to New Taipei City Police Station)
+886 2 2671-7090 #207

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