HIDEKAWA Domestic Soybean Products

A natural soy food store - breaks the cycle of disadvantage.

The handmade tofu shop hidden within the alleys and lanes of Sanxia uses 100% domestic non-GMO and pesticide-free soybeans and naturally sun-dried bitterns to make tofu and dried tofu without adding chemical anti-foaming agents. We offer you the most natural, pure and healthy soybean products.


The name, HIDEKAWA Domestic Soybean Products, derived from the first street, i.e. “Xiuchuan Street”, in the history of Sanxia. The word “xiu” is broken down to form “HIDEWAKA (in Japanese)”.

The “一” in the image represents the first street in Sanxia; it also signifies that, like the first lot of ancestors who reclaimed Sanxia, we hope the brand could play the roles of a developer and a pioneer in the market to become a model in the food industry in Taiwan, which has undergone a series of food safety scandals.

Simple, pure, down-to-earth and unadorned, these are the things HIDEKAWA wishes to convey to consumers.


HIDEKAWA is a brand that represents Taiwan. A great deal of traditional Chinese characters is used on the product packages to convey the features of each product through the changes in the fonts.

In addition to selling safe soybean products, HIDEKAWA has also inherited the mission of carrying forward the beauty of traditional Chinese characters.


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Ln. 13, Zhongshan Rd., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 23741, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

You are welcome to contact us regarding design projects and cooperation plans. Please leave your basic information and detailed data, our specialist will be in contact.

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