Corporate Identity System of Leather-Playing Children  Workshop

Corporate Identity System of Leather-Playing Children Workshop

Feel the leather, seek the extraordinary in ordinary life

Leather-Playing Children” is a handmade leather brand established in our community. Playful elves live in the energetic hands of the grass children. The patience and aesthetic creativeness of children are cultivated through learning and making leather products. It also provides parents with an opportunity to develop a second expertise. Children playing with leather brand their toughness and unique life nutrients onto the leather materials to make each warm and practical piece of work.

The design of the brand logo is inspired by the faces of mischievous children; stitching elements are added and the color scheme uses the color of leather and the lively yellow to express the practice of Leather-Playing Children in the life ethos of “retired yet moving forward”.

1204501308115.jpg1205098024283.jpg1237077741448.jpgBrother Chiou has lived in Sanxia for decades. He was a senior gardener who developed an interest for leather creation through self-taught learning after retirement. Thus, he decided to become a worker at the workshop to enjoy his passion for creation. He also shares such interest with inhabitants and travelers through experience exchange.


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Ln. 13, Zhongshan Rd., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 23741, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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