2019/02/17 River Clean-up Operation

Weather: Sunny

Number of people: 120

Hours: 2hrs

Achievements: 12 bags of garbage

Special AppreciationThe Society of Wilderness (Parent and Child Group) 荒野保護協會親子團 

Through the professional waste classification statistics of The Society of Wilderness, 42.7 kilograms of garbage were cleared out, of which 3227 were firecrackers, and a large number of tableware and plastic were taken out. See the presentation of data, but also let you think a little more.

Extensive Reading比台灣還大44倍的垃圾島?你看不見的海洋悲歌


Sign Up for River Clean-up



You are welcome to contact us,
please provide basic information and detailed data,
our specialist will be in contact.
● The River Clean-up is carried out on the second Sunday of every month.
●Time: 15:30 in the summer, 13:30 in the winter.
●Location: Courtyard of KOUJI Restaurant (No. 317, Qingshui St., Sanxia Dist.)
●The benchland has tall grass and insects, please wear long pants and sneakers for safety.
●We will provide long tongs and garbage bags.
●Rain boots and disposable masks and gloves are not provided, so please prepare personal equipment if necessary.

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