Corporate Identity System of KOUJI Restaurant

Corporate Identity System of KOUJI Restaurant

“Kouji”, the beautiful blossom of rice after being catalyzed by time.

In 2017, CAN Culture, Art & Nature made a huge decision, ending the business of the Italian restaurant that has stood for six year to give brand new definition and mission to the cuisines that are to be sold in the future.

Hence the birth of “KOUJI Restaurant”, a restaurant that combines homemade fermented substances with soybean products.


After fermentation, different rice would generate completely different flavors of sweetness, sourness and saltiness.

The logo adopts the imagery of rice transforming into “kouji”. The moment a consumer steps into the restaurant is the start of a journey of tastes.

There are different mood changes between each dish, and customers end up leaving the restaurant with content smiles. To let the cuisines blossom continuously in the heart of customers is the mission of KOUJI Restaurant.


The colors selected are extracted from all of the elements in KOUJI Restaurant. The primary color is brick red, which is the carrier of the entire architecture of KOUJI Restaurant.

1751107303075.jpg1752432173058.jpg1753087563038.jpgTo live and prosper with this land has been the core objective of CAN Culture, Art & Nature since its establishment.

Naturally, KOUJI Restaurant also bears such task. The rice foods all use the organic rice from Luoshan, Hualien, and the raw materials for soybean products are from small farmers in central and southern Taiwan. In addition to enjoying the delicious flavors, when consumers dine here, they are also contributing to this land with us.


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