Design of Materials for Shokunin School
Sa-kak-eng Shokunin School, the foundation for establishing traditional craft culture

Sanxia, formerly named Sa-kak-eng, is a town that has developed and prospered through river transport trading ever since the ancient times. After the Taoyuan Great Ditch was completed in 1924, Sanxia declined as the water volume of Dahan River decreased dramatically. However, Taiwanese traditional skills hidden within lanes and alleys, as well as a variety of artists and shokunins, were gathered to form the unique scent and appearance of Sanxia, but they had fallen and scattered about as time passed. Homecoming youths gathered energy, connected local artists and shokunins, and promoted reconstruction projects on local cultural aesthetics for enabling schoolchildren to establish a foundation in homeland culture, as well as for the local people to get to know local cultures in a more intimate manner, to further enhance the aesthetics of life culture in the community in the hope that the once extraordinary town can become a new form of cultural and creative colony.

Ordinary tours usually bore schoolchildren because they lack supplementary materials for teaching, so the children could not absorb knowledge effectively at the end of the tour. Materials are designed for schoolchildren to feel the techniques of shokunins and experience the lifestyle of 100 master-craftsmen in an active and cute way so that the children can make interesting interactions with the instructor more effectively during the experience tours.


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