HAKSIP Village

HAKSIP Village is a craft and quality food practice base in Sanxia operated by CAN Culture, Art & Nature. Its core spirit is “collective learning”.

The name “HAKSIP” was inspired by the Taiwanese pronunciation of “learning”. Community resources are connected through HAKSIP Village for craft experts, quality food shops, community schools and enterprises to work with each other in building a community support system, developing community industries, and cultivating distinctive competence of teenagers.

The core spirit of HAKSIP Village is “collective learning”. The LOGO is based on man to create the significant value of HAKSIP Village; the characteristics of the LOGO are designed to match the colors and style of the space; the LOGO design is finally completed by using Chinese characters.


The auxiliary figure, “/\” which looks like the word “person” in Chinese, is arranged differently in the LOGO; it also signifies that the Village has many hermits, and everyone learn from each other and grow together.


When creating the LOGO, we discovered the ancient word of “xi (learning)” meant a fledge fluttering and soaring high from its nest, which had the same core value as HAKSIP Village, so the word “xi” was selected as the main mark, and the arrangement of the characters below was changed into an old house (Ailin Hospital) to complete the most primary design of logotype.


To correspond to the spirit of HAKSIP Village, the printing configuration also uses papers that give a handwriting sense as the primary media to convey the feeling of human warmth.1127347645574.jpg1127464759636.jpg

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Ln. 13, Zhongshan Rd., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 23741, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

You are welcome to contact us regarding design projects and cooperation plans. Please leave your basic information and detailed data, our specialist will be in contact.

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