Tour for Social Enterprise Exercise

Accept hardship gladly and enjoy the process

Through the one-day study tour proposal, guide enterprise CSR, schools and groups from various fields to see the front line of community operation. Take actions to accompany local high-risk children in the long term, construct a community support system, and change the children’s lives.

Extending mountain scenes and clear Sanxia River are our wonderful impression to this place. By the side of Sanxia River, a group of youths protect the ancient soul of a centennial house, provide a platform for exchanging cultural creativities, use life related item and events as inspiration for ideas, record stories for common people and shokunins, and guard the cultural assets and local people of their hometown.

Live conscientiously in the hope of doing something for hometown. Take actions to accompany children living in high-risk environment in the long term, construct a community support system, and create dreams for the children. The “accept hardship gladly and enjoy the process” activity invites you to plant a seed of hope for the people and land.

First Stop

Dream Building & Exchange ∞ Sharing of Community Operation

In a centennial house, a group of youths use their creativity to build a platform for cultural and creative dreams, and connect with the locality through the platform. It is hoped that we can be inspired through interaction to return to our own creative thinking and imagination in our lives.


Second Stop

Natural Cuisines ∞ Creative Feasts

Farmers work hard to cultivate rich and excellent crops on the land of Taiwan. Each crop represents a story and a history that has its own splendid flavor.

By using handmade tofu, homemade fermented substances, and fresh and distinctive ingredients, KOUJI Restaurant prepares multiple creative cuisines.


Third Stop

Temperature of Work ∞ Unique Memory

Because of indigo dyeing, Sanxia was an important place for cloth dyeing in northern Taiwan, but the traditional culture has been entering oblivion as the time passed. It is hoped that the traditional industry can recover its former glory through travelling.

As travelers create their own souvenirs through the warmth of DIY, the skills of traditional shokunin can be extended.

Experience items include indigo dyeing, metalworking, engraving and enamel; experience the diversified craft creation of Sanxia


Fourth Stop

Community Visit ∞ Change the Frontline

It was a busy town, a commercial port for ships, and the most important source for the formation of the entire colony. It is hoped that by taking a journey in the streets and valleys with different perspectives can allow travelers to enter the daily life of the locals.

They can also get to know the care and support system that CAN Culture, Art & Nature and its community partners are trying to build.


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