Sanxia Old Street

Sanxia Old Street refers to the over one hundred western style street house on the southern section of Minquan Street. Since Sanxia has the advantages of both water and land, it was the transportation hub for Takekan (Daxi) and Hobe (Tamsui) in the Qing Dynasty, forming lively trading markets in which tea, camphor and indigo were referred to as the Three Treasures of Old Street.


▲Old Street is always filled with crowds on holidays

The Japanese Government implemented the “Urban Reform Project” in Taiwan in 1916 (the 5th year of the Tashō Era). Japan assigned architectures who studied abroad to come up with the design and the stores raised fund on their own to form the appearance of Old Street today. The street house section was constructed in an S pattern along the terrain. The round and square columns support the three-arch archways, which were integrated with Baroque architectural style and post-Renaissance decorative art to create the appealing street houses with Chinese and Western elements.

By seeing the archways of “Lin Maoxing Dyehouse” and “Jin-Lian-Chun”, one can know the prosperity of the dye industry back then. The stylish carving ornamentations and stained glass on the walls of “Chiahe Oil Shop” are decorations uncommonly seen on the street.


▲In front of Sanxia Police Station is a viewing terrace, which is a little secret place for appreciating closely the exquisite carved facade.


▲The carved façade is combines with Baroque style and post-Renaissance style.


▲“We pay top dollars for selected raw materials to be processed, manufactured and sold under strict supervision” is the quality fascia of “Jin-Lian-Chun” dyehouse.

【Visitation Information】

Address: No. 37-147, Minquan St., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City

Parking: Changfu Parking (No. 1, Guangming Rd., Sanxia Dist.)

       Underground parking lot of Sanxia Elementary School (No. 63, Zhongshan Rd., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City)

       Parking lot of Sanxia Public Market (No. 186, Minsheng St., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City)

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