Indigo Dyeing DIY

When promoting culture on our own land, the local cultures of Sanxia cannot be omitted.

During the last years of Qing Dynasty, Sa-kak-eng (Sanxia) was the most important center for the dyeing industry in northern Taiwan. It was also the main producing area of mayflower gloryberry, which is a source of the dyes used for indigo dyeing. Many archway facades of “dyehouses” from those days can still be seen on Sanxia Old Street. Although the indigo dyeing industry has undergone rise and fall, the industry that once disappeared is now recovered under the efforts of local culturati. We have also built a dyehouse at THE CAN for you to experience the indigo dyeing culture in Sanxia.

For group tours, we can plan for you exclusive indigo dyeing activities or one-day tour of Sanxia.



Weekday: Mon. to Fri. at 13:30, one course per day

Holiday: Sat. & Sun. at 11:00 and 13:30, two courses per day


◎Reservations must be made three days in advance; number of persons not limited.

◎Reservations for groups under 40 persons are acceptable.

◎The course takes about 1.5~2 hours, and participants can take the finished pieces with them.

◎Each material pack is prepared for one person; accompanying individuals must consume the minimum price at KOUJI Restaurant.

◎It is recommended that you wear dark color clothes and pants to prevent from being stained with dyes.

◎Reservations will not be available when there are artistic and cultural performances and private events.

◎Make a reservation for “Natural Cuisines” at KOUJI Restaurant to receive a 5% discount. (Not applicable for afternoon tea, desserts, and a la carte foods and beverages)


Reservation: Please fill out the form below or call Activities Department at 02-2671-7090#210


Price list for natural indigo dyeing

Weekday: 13:00        Weekday: 11:00 or 13:00

Small Handkerchief ┉┉$200      Clothes (Kids) ┉┉$500

Large Handkerchief ┉┉$250      Clothes (S-L) ┉┉$600

Long Scarf ┉┉$600              Clothes (XL and larger) ┉┉$800




▲Refer to Price List for indigo dyeing items (sizes of clothes depend on the inventory on-site)



▲Indigo dyeing materials: Cotton handkerchief & cotton scarf



▲Indigo dyeing materials: Cotton clothes (kids & adults)

Apply now!


Ln. 13, Zhongshan Rd., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 23741, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

You are welcome to contact us,
please provide basic information and detailed data,
our specialist will be in contact.
Consultation Period: 10:00 am - 18:30 pm

Filling out the form does not mean a successful reservation. We will contact you for further confirmation, and you are free to discuss with us regarding any questions.

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