Tian Fang Tea Shop in Sanxia

The desserts of the Sanxia Biluochun Series are loved by many people, and the soul of the flavor, i.e. Biluochun Tea, comes from here!

Tian Fang Tea Shop is a family business that is now in the hands of the fifth generation young farmer, Yao-Kuan Huang. He did not intend to take over the tea shop, but because he could not forget the sense of practicality and achievement, he decided to go home and engage in the tea industry, as well as inject new energy and innovative thinking into the old industry.

“One generation generates the work of three generations.” This is a vivid description of the traditional tea industry. Everyone in the family had to help during the farming season, and Yao-Kuan Huang was no exception. Ever since he was a child, he was responsible for all kinds of work in the tea plantation and factory. “When I was a kid, I used to envy other kids because they could go out and play”, said Yao-Kuan Huang while smiling. However, it is because he knows how hard it is to produce tea, so he is willing to bear the extra responsibility of inheritance.

The division of labor in the tea industry in Sanxia is usually clear. The integrated operating model, from planting, harvesting, processing to selling, adopted by Tian Fang Tea Shop is rarely seen. The shop insists on such a model to ensure the quality of tea and the stability of harvest. Faced with the ever-changing tea industry, Yao-Kuan Huang inherited the wisdom and attitude of the former generation, and decided to produce high quality tea with a sincere and practical attitude.

During your visit, learn how to taste tea with the tea master and expand your taste bud; step onto the soil of the tea plantation and touch the leaved with your fingers; know the processing procedure and indulge yourself in the light fragrance of tea flowing in the air.

The closer you are to the soil, the more you will understand that good ingredients are not easy to come by. The more respect you have toward foods, the more humble you are toward nature.


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