Wanfa Forge     Redesign of Cleaver

Wanfa Forge Redesign of Cleaver

Sanxia started from agriculture and the demand for a great deal of farm implements gave rise to the prosperity of the ironwork industry.

Numerous forges vanished as agriculture faded, and Wanfa Forge, the only one standing in Sanxia in the powerful current of the times, has witnessed the rise and fall of the traditional ironwork industry. By upholding the persistence of a blacksmith, the traditional blacksmith has engaged in cross-field cooperation with modern craft design. Master Wanfa Su forges knives, while CAN Culture, Art & Nature redesigns the patterns and packaging of the knives. Every detail is insisted on in the hope that traditional ironwork craft can enter a new generation through the purest ironwork craft presented in the products.


The classic blade pattern of Wanfa Forge is reserved, and the handle is redesigned based on simplicity for a co-existence between classic and modern styles.

Multiple handle patterns were drawn during the designing process, and they were experimented through practical use to eliminate the unsuitable ones to pick out the best handle.


Most cleavers were originally packed in simple plastic bags. However, a classic knife requires boxed packaging to accentuate its value and protect the blade from being scratched during sale.

The Logo is inscribed by “Chi-Xian Wu”, a local shokunin in Sanxia, to add to the overall texture; screen printing was all done by designers manually. Just like Mr. Su, who insists on fixing blades for every customer personally, we also uphold such spirit of service.


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