Sanxia Fu’an Temple

Sanxia Fu’an Temple

In 1785 (50th year of Qianlong Era in Qing Dynasty), inhabitants of Sanxia built a Tudigong temple behind Zushi Temple on the right, and it is now one of the oldest Tudigong temples in Sanxia.

The design of Fu’an Temple’s reconstruction in 1996 was drawn by Master Chien-Lang Li, a scholar of restoration of historic monuments. Stone and wood were used for the base and body, respectively. The main part of the temple was constructed with ebony, while the main hall had ebony beams and a high ceiling, which was rarely seen in Tudigong temples, thus making it quite special.


▲ Fu’an Temple is located in a corner at the end of Sanxia Old Street


▲ Exquisite carvings on ebony are used in the main hall


▲ The largest gold ingot (copper casting) in Northern Taiwan is set up in front of the worship hall for people to pray for wealth

【Visiting Information】

Address: No. 32, Minquan St., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City

TEL: 02-2673-1091

Fee: Free; feel free to make a donation for incense and joss paper

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