Sun-sealed Pomelo Tea

Pomelo tea unique to Sanxia with sunlight sealed tea fragrance

Pomelo tea is made by removing the acidic pulp that is more acidic from a pomelo, then putting in traditional Chinese medicines and tea leafs, closing the pomelo lid, and then steam and sun-dry repeatedly until all the water content in the pomelo are forced out.

The pomelo tea made with such ancient method is the product of Sanxia’s Tian Fang Tea Shop. Because the older generation is thrifty, they put pomelos that are more acidic and with lower sugar content into tea dust to make pomelo tea. Customers started coming for this product, and it was said that drinking pomelo tea could prevent from catching a cold. The fourth generation successor, Zheng-Zhong Huang, began to follow his father’s craftsmanship and visited several elders until he came up with the method for making pomelo tea.

Now pomelo tea uses the Biluochun tea leafs produced by Tian Fang Tea Shop. The limited production every year has made it a unique afternoon tea that can be only found in Sanxia.



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