Living in Xiuchuan, one can experience the nostalgic atmosphere and savor the slow-paced daily life of the Sanxia old town.

Living in Xiuchuan, one can experience the nostalgic atmosphere and savor the slow-paced daily life of the Sanxia old town.

Xiuchuan Street was a bustling commercial street during the Qing Dynasty over a hundred years ago. The old dock of Sanxia River was located here, attracting numerous merchant ships and offering breathtaking scenery. The Zaisu Temple, situated along the riverbank, served as the earliest religious center in Sanxia. The street was the hub for the residents' daily needs, gradually giving rise to a cluster of traditional buildings. During the Japanese colonial period, commercial activities shifted to the current Sanxia Old Street, but Xiuchuan Street and its surroundings still exude a strong sense of ordinary life, making it one of Taiwan's most historically significant old streets.

To recreate the charm of the old houses, Gan Le Cultural and Creative uses a minimalist and gentle approach to reinterpret a heritage building into a standalone vacation rental called "Xiuchuan Residence." The interior design preserves the flavor of the old house, with nostalgic floor tiles and warm yellow pendant lights that naturally exude an indescribable sense of familial intimacy. We hope that during your short stay here, you can experience the nostalgia of the past in this modern setting and create delightful memories with your family, friends, colleagues, or classmates.



#Open Living Room

The space is expansive and open, with a wooden dining table in a natural wood tone and modern-style window frames. The interplay between vintage green brick walls of different shades and leather-accented wooden dining chairs creates a distinctive atmosphere, blending the old and the new. The large TV on the wall, paired with a TV box, provides a leisurely setting for dining, chatting, and watching TV together. If there's a sports game broadcast happening, let's cheer passionately and raise our glasses in celebration!


#Open Kitchen

Within a 1-minute walk, you'll reach the nearby traditional morning market. Amidst the lively and welcoming roadside stalls, you can buy fresh produce, fish, and other ingredients. In the spacious kitchen, you can chat while picking vegetables and prepare a meal together, followed by a relaxed dining experience. It's amazing!

*Instead of using an open flame, an induction cooker is used, featuring a child safety lock design for added safety and peace of mind during cooking.

*An air fryer oven is available for heating up the baked goods we prepared or the food you bought.

*The large-capacity refrigerator is well-suited for accommodating the cooking needs of multiple people, ensuring that there is no concern about running out of space for storing ample food or ingredients.



#Wheat Blossom House #Mountain and River House

In the cozy and elegant bedrooms, you can leave behind the worries of daily life and enjoy a peaceful retreat.

*There are a total of 2 bedrooms, each designed as a loft, ensuring privacy even when accommodating multiple guests.

*Each bedroom can comfortably accommodate 4 to 6 people.


#Our Services

*Zero Disturbance: We provide check-in instructions and relevant reminders through social messaging to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

*Low Contact: Prior to check-in, we prepare freshly baked breakfast pastries and soy milk beverages for the next day. You can choose your wake-up time and breakfast time, just like being at your own home, without any constraints!

*We welcome guests with famous local snacks from Sanxia, allowing you to replenish your energy and satisfy your cravings upon arrival.

*The breakfast includes baked goods made by "Xiao Cao Vocational Training Bakery," a community store that supports employment for vulnerable groups. It also includes 100% Taiwanese-produced rich and creamy soy milk from the popular "He Nai Chuan Domestic Soy Milk Factory," a must-visit spot for culture enthusiasts in Taiwan (and of course, also for those from abroad). Not only are they nutritious and delicious, but by enjoying these products, you are also supporting social enterprises together with us!

*Facilities provided during your stay include a refrigerator, oven, induction cooker, kitchen utensils, WiFi, TV box, and bottled water.

*We have selected natural bath products from "Tea Seed Hall" for a refreshing and rejuvenating bathing experience, washing away the fatigue of daily life.

*We feature carefully curated artisanal home decor products from local craftsmen in Sanxia, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the environment.


#The Leisurely Daily Life in the Town

Walking along the winding and narrow Shuichuan Street, you can get close to the Sanxia River with just a few steps. Feeling the gentle breeze, you can imagine the bustling scenes of the past during the Qing Dynasty or the Japanese colonial period, where there were crowded voices by the wharf, bustling with the transportation and trade of local products such as tea leaves, indigo-dyed fabrics, camphor oil, and more.

Did you know that the nighttime version of Sanxia Old Street carries a mysterious sense of transcending time and space? The continuous red brick arches connect one street house to another, with each beam, pillar, and tile representing the prosperity of that era. After dinner, just a 2-minute walk away, you can experience the beautifully illuminated old street with a great atmosphere. You will also pass by the well-known landmark of Sanxia, the "Qingshui Ancestral Temple," and walk on Changfu Bridge in front of the temple square to enjoy the expansive night view of the riverbank. Count how many fish-viewing pavilions there are on the bridge. If you're lucky enough to catch the period when the ladies are dancing in the square, why not join in and move to the rhythm together?

Although the former glory of Shuichuan Street has faded, back in the day, the main modes of transportation for residents were sedan chairs or walking. Considering the need for home insulation, the streets are not spacious and still maintain the width from the Qing Dynasty. If you observe carefully, you will notice that the red brick pavement on the ground is composed of three horizontal bricks forming the character "三" (San) and three vertical bricks forming the character "川" (Xiu Chuan), indicating that this place is Sanxia Shuichuan—a truly rustic and understated presence!

On the curving red brick path, there are a few shops that stubbornly maintain their traditional style, such as noodle shops, barbershops, herbal medicine stores, and goldsmith shops. After breakfast, personally visit these small shops that may gradually disappear in the future and leave behind precious records for them.


More Ways to Explore the Charm of Sanxia

Let Local Artisans Show You Around

Don't Miss Out on Local Cuisine

Transportation Methods

Experience Sanxia's Cultural Journey


Only legal standalone homestay in Sanxia Old Street Area, New Taipei City (Homestay No. 371, New Taipei City)

Check-in Information:
*Check-in time: After 3:00 PM We provide a "Zero Disturbance. Low Contact" service. When you notify us 30 minutes before your arrival at Xiuchuan Residence, you will receive an electronic lock password from our official LINE account.
*Check-out time: Before 11:00 AM

Whole House Package:
*Includes breakfast and welcome snacks.
*Accommodates 8 people.
 Weekdays (Sunday to Thursday): NT$13,000
 Peak Days (Friday, Saturday): NT$15,000
 Holidays (National holidays, consecutive holidays): NT$17,000
 Summer Vacation:
 Weekdays (Sunday to Thursday): NT$15,000
 Peak Days (Friday, Saturday): NT$17,000
Additional charges apply for reservations during New Year's Eve, Lunar New Year's Eve, and the first five days of the Lunar New Year. Please check for rates separately.

*Maximum occupancy: 12 people. Additional charges of NT$700 per person for more than 8 people requiring extra beds.
*If you need to change the number of guests after booking, please inform us at least 5 days before check-in.
*Full payment is required via bank transfer at the time of booking.
*After completing the payment, please notify us of the "Guest Name, Phone Number, Payment Method, or the last 5 digits of the bank account used for the transfer."

Provided Amenities: Indoor slippers, toiletries, cups, toothbrushes, towels, hairdryer, coffee cups, magazines, WiFi. Kitchen Equipment: Water kettle, bowls, utensils, knives, cutting board, pots and pans, ladle, spatula, induction cooker, oven, refrigerator.

Online Service Contact: The Can Cultural & Creative Line Official Account: @thecan


Contact Phone Number: 0226717090 #208

Detailed Check-in Instructions

Apply now!


Ln. 13, Zhongshan Rd., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 23741, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

You are welcome to contact us,
please provide basic information and detailed data,
our specialist will be in contact.
Consultation Period: 10:00 am - 18:30 pm

Filling out the form does not mean a successful reservation. We will contact you for further confirmation, and you are free to discuss with us regarding any questions.

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