Le-Shan Pottery Workshop

When it comes to pottery, people would think of Yingge, but there are also masters in Sanxia. Zhi-Hao, a teacher, said, “I first learned wood carving, but when I came in touch with pottery later, I found that the characteristics of artworks could be presented in a more out of the box manner if pottery and carving were combined.” The teacher uses firewood for the kiln process of making pottery, which must be made in the mountains, so he said jokingly, “I often have to retreat to the mountains to cultivate my mind.” He makes every piece by himself and keeps close tabs on the complicated and delicate firewood burning process. If you wish to possess your own unique porcelain, Mr. li is the man you’re looking for.


▲ A warm space for displaying works.


▲ You can even taste the fine tea of Sanxia brewed personnaly by Mr. Zhi-Hao Li when you come to Le-Shan Pottery Workshop.


▲ Mr. Zhi-Hao Li


▲ Wood-fired teacups by Mr.Zhi-Hao Li

【Store Information】

Address: F1, No. 59, Zhongshan Rd., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City (right across from the parking lot of Sanxia Elementary School)

TEL: 02-2673-8808

Business Hours: 10:00-21:00 (Closed irregularly, please contact by phone)

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Ln. 13, Zhongshan Rd., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 23741, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

You are welcome to contact us,
please provide basic information and detailed data,
our specialist will be in contact.
Consultation Period: 10:00 am - 18:30 pm

Filling out the form does not mean a successful reservation. We will contact you for further confirmation, and you are free to discuss with us regarding any questions.

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