Corporate Identity System of Sanyi Metalworking

Good skills should not be buried

Traditional metalsmiths commonly made a living by undertaking OEM cases. Master Wen also went through the prosperity and recession of the metalworking industry, so the establishment of his own workshop was a dream after years of work.

Fate has brought CAN Culture, Art & Nature and Master Wen together. Through space, product and experience design, Sanyi Metalworking combines traditional solid techniques and designs. It combines craft, handicraft and creativity to make the shokunin brand of “Sanyi Metalworking”.

The brand logo of Sanyi Metalworking is inspired by the metalworking tools and accessories; the color scheme uses the calm dark green to present the professional image of the brand.



Master Wen entered the world of metalworking at the age of thirteen. Learning skills from Mater Jin, a traditional metalsmith, Wen became a master after three years and four months. He began to engage in maintenance of metalwork jewelry, and has developed tremendous skills over the past three decades.


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You are welcome to contact us regarding design projects and cooperation plans. Please leave your basic information and detailed data, our specialist will be in contact.

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